Saturday, 7 April 2007

A Worthwhile Exercise

It was worthwhile. It was also an excuse to bump into some old pals and renew memories. As far as the main agenda items ere concerned, it did go on well. The key task areas were identified and all the main points were touched upon. Emphasis was laid on promotion of junior cricket and selection of junior teams.

The job of a selector from now (I hope) should be a paid job, and they can only be held accountable when they are compensated for their time and effort. The zonal system could be done away with, but that has been a concept for a long time and it might take some time for the BCCI to eradicate that procedure.

The revamp of the Ranji Trophy was highly commendable. The format from now could be that the top 10 teams play the elite on a round robin format, and the remaining teams could be divided in to three zones and the top team from each zone go on to progress to the top tier for the ensuing season and the bottom three from the elite slip to the lower rung. This can throw up some tight competition and produce some better and importantly well-prepared cricketers. The wickets would hold the key, though; the condition of wickets will have to be made truer so performance correctly reflects the players standing.

The A-tour concept was mooted mainly because younger players can do away with their fear when they encounter bouncier tracks and bowler-friendly conditions, and they feel at home when the travel with the senior side.

The NCA has been identified as the supply source - not it was not doing it earlier - the role only gets bigger now. Each zone will have a facility that would measure to the standards set by the NCA and work will also start on each association having their own indoor facility.

I stuck to my stand on an 'Indian' coach and was happy to see my good friend and opening partner Ravi Shastri appointed as the cricket manager for the tour of Bangladesh. I am sure it is the first of the many good moves the BCCI is going to take. A review meeting has been proposed every three months and the board is considering it.

Only when I came back out of the meeting did I realize there is to be a match on between South African and Bangladesh. The Proteas are far ahead on paper, and should wallop the next best Asian hope. It is a game of glorious uncertainties but this match looks not to fall in to that trap.


Ganesh said...


I am very happy that your suggestion for an "Indian" coach has been accepted.

However,dont you think the BCCI has gone overboard with their weird controls on players endorsements?

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Ram said...


Kudos on the BCCI meeting! I think there were some brilliant decisions made and most of them are in the right direction. I think Robin Singh is the type of guy any team would want around with fire on his belly and the burning desire!

I was surprised that you did not consider coaching the batsmen. You would be an ideal fit for that role.

I dearly hope that young talent is rewarded and our team would have so many options for rotation if we could cherry pick a team depending on the conditions and the type of track.

Thanks for playing an important part in the think-tank. It makes me feel much better after the tragic loss at the opening round of the World Cup.

Anonymous said...

Hi Krish:

Sorry you slept through the Bangladesh / South Africa game. This was definitely not a yawner and seems to have shaken up the entire competition.

Hope you'll keep your eyes on the Bangladeshi Tigers in May. Should be some fun games against your boys.

Dinesh said...

Well, it happened. Can I say Snow will now fall in Chennai ? Bangladesh thrashed the No. 1 South African. This world cup cannot be more exciting and to come and think of it, India only lost to a passionate and competive side. I am happy that Bangladesh won the game and hope that with the same spirit they can now win against WI, England and Ireland. Top 4 is still there to be determined. A few more upsets can change the face of the game entirely from here on. After all, being good on paper doesn't matter anymore. On the other hand, It is good to see Indian names popping out for Coach jobs. Ravi shastri, Venkatesh Prasad and Robin Singh are good choices and hope India can now recover.

subra said...

I still remember the league matches at Marina and Oceanic Grounds at Chennai that drew sizable crowds. Those used to be 50 overs a side matches and competitive cricket was on display. The circuit had the same format of relegation and promotion from A League to B League and vice versa. It was an excellent breeding ground for youngsters to knock at the doors of Ranji and India teams. The format is time tested and should stand us in good stead at the national level. That is another good decision that BCCI has taken.

santosh kumar said...

Good morning sir. I am great fan of Indian cricketers. To the recent performance in the world cup, i was very disappointed. Sir the performance showed in world cup due to lack of passion & guidance. We have a good foreign coach but he is extraordinary person. And our captain no doubt he is a good player but not the good captain coz in his captiancy i didnt seen enthusiasm & encouragement with the players. If india wins there is no joy only sad face in his expression. My suggestion is to change captain & give captaincy to Sachin or saurav or sehwag or yuvraj or Anil kumble coz we won the world cup by a captain who is a bowler (kapil dev).

santosh kumar said...

sir why BCCI is taking Rahul Dravid as captain again. He is the main person that we didnt entered in the super 8's. Again BCCI making mistake of selecting Rahul Dravid as captain. He has the chance of making the Indian team in the Super 8's but he didnt did. In 1983 world cup the All time great Kapil Dev single handedly won the match with Zimbabwe when top batsmen failed. That time he was the captain & he proved his role of captaincy, but recent match against Srilanka it is in the hands of Rahul Dravid but he didnt proved no doubt he is the great batsman then kapil dev but of no use. Why again keeping him captain it is unfair & injustice to the team.

Mika said...

sir i loved the suggestions and changes that came out of the 2 day BCCI meet... but something we were seriously expecting were some changes at management level in BCCI....
a fulltime paid CEO to handle the day to day affairs and may be a senior cricketer like you or some one else who could be cllled the COO and he looks after the cricketing affairs at domestic and international level....

Anonymous said...

venkatesh prasad as bowling coach - is the biggest joke.

Anonymous said...


Please save Indian cricket from Selfish people in BCCI regime.
You can do your bit being on their experts panel.

Greg Chappel was biggest threat to indian cricket and it seemed he was hell bent on finishing indian cricket.

You should oppose him strongly on every front so that he cant get association with indian cricket any more.
He is the real culprit for indian crickets bad condition. He tried to practice the old English Philosphy of Divide and Rule.
He disturbed all our established cricketers and created Confusion and Insecurity among them. Which Affected their performance.

Rahul Dravid is a weak person He shouldnt have been Captain.
Had he been removed from this Job after Champions trophy, we wouldnt have done that bad in World Cup.


Suresh said...

In my humble opinion the biggest mistake is the BCCI and the clowns that run Indian cricket!

Why have a rule about endorsements - if the players performance is effected drop him.

There not being talent available is not the players problem it is because of the BCCI and their lack of planning. It is their business to cultivate the sport in the country. They seem to feel their only responsibility is towards counting the booty!

After such a disaster as world cup 2007 why hasnt anyone from the BCCI resigned or been booted out.After all isnt that what would have happened if this were a Public Company or even the Government?

Think the Zee venture should be supported by all - atleast it will end BCCI's monopoly.

Anonymous said...

Sachin Tendulkar only a mere shadow of himself, and most consistent failure in the last 5 ODI tours/serieses to be called as the BEST BATSMAN in the world is either the greatest hoax people are beig coaxed into by MRF,PEPSI, Sunfeast, and supported by Srikant and company, or height of falacy of Indians. In Hindi there is a proverb Ein Shikar ke wakht per Kutta hagne ko baitha. Shikari Kutta hai bhai Unche naasla ka.
(Read between the lines.)