Saturday, 21 April 2007

This Selection Is Not The Way Forward

The selection committee has wasted another golden opportunity. The talk of infusing fresh blood into the team after the World Cup has not materialized into something concrete, and Indian cricket continues to tread a dangerous path. The selection of the senior team, as with so many times in the past, has been fuelled by confusion and, more, by 'compromise'.

After all the big talk on youngsters replacing the tried and tested, only Bengal lad Manoj Tiwary finds a place. What happens to other youngsters who have proved themselves in the Ranji Trophy and A tours? What more should a bowler like R. Bose of Bengal do to claim a stake?

Two batsmen who will feel extremely disappointed are S. Badrinath of Tamil Nadu and Mumbai's Rohit Sharma. Remember the chairman of the selection committee stating that the 80 made by Badri in the Zal Irani Cup was one of the best domestic knock played on a difficult wicket? And add the runs he made against the likes of Shaun Tait and Clarke on the faster and bouncier wickets in Australia. Rohit, with his recent exploits, gave enough proof that he was a decent limited overs prospect. The signals that are sent to such players are not very healthy.

When performances in the Ranji Trophy and A tours are not going to be looked at with interest, one can lose faith in the system and unless the selectors start giving preference to players who toil and perform in the domestic scene, things can go haywire.

Some of the so-called recalls are only going hamper the progress route. Dinesh Mongia and R.P. Singh have been given enough chances to cement their place in the side but they have not done that, and no one else can be faulted for that. And Ramesh Powar making it only to the Test squad was highly amusing as he had looked the best bowler in the ODI's whenever he had been given a chance.

A tour to Bangladesh was the ideal platform to groom some of the youngsters. The kids would have got a fair idea of international cricket and readied them for the tougher assignments ahead. The upcoming season is one of the toughest Team India would have in a long time and with the majority of the side ageing and on the wane, this would have been the ideal time for a shake up and for the rebuilding process to start but sadly and as always another chance to put things in the right perspective and turn a new leaf has gone a-begging. Save your prayers for Indian cricket.

With the news of the Indian selection dominating the headlines, a small matter called the World Cup was conveniently forgotten. Australia's annihilation of their Trans Tasman rivals would have filled fear in all sides. If this is what the Aussies can do to a side that was widely expected to run them close…!

The Australian batting looks too good at the moment, and the bowlers seem to be hitting the straps well and getting into a good rhythm at the right time. It would take a Herculean effort from the remaining sides to stop the Aussies from claiming their hat-trick. It would take an extremely brave heart to put the money against the reigning champions.


Coimbatore said...

Dear Krish, What is the difference between resting and dropping? Some players are dropped and others are rested. Nice way to fool around.

My observation in five points

1. R. Ashwin, CEAT India Bowler of the year is not at all considered.

2. Kaif is back, But VVS Laxman is not.

3. There are no quality spinners in the squad. The so called spinners don't turn the ball at all even on turning wickets. but Warne and Murali were turning consistently on all surfaces. Even Sachin was able to turn the ball.

4. I believe Dinesh Karthik, W.V. Raman, Sadagopan Ramesh, and others are not fairly treated from Tamil Nadu. Dinesh Karthik is young and improving. Dinesh is not a opener and is promoted as opener and I am afraid he will be made another scape goat in coming months. Is this the way to groom a young cricketer?

5. Rohit Sharma is a miss. Badrinath maybe.

Are the members of selection committee biased against Tamil Nadu?

Anonymous said...

Frankly Srikant disappoints. Sachin Tendulkar had been a burden on the team for long enough now. Both he and Ganguly are shamelessly daring the poor public to push them off instead of gracefully bowing out. Considering their past record, it is difficult for anybody to do that. The selectors should be congratulated for at least trying to get rid of them with as much dignity as is possible in the circumstances.

Satz said...

The selection is a please all kind of format...Two people will feel left our Ranadeeb Bose(Mebbe he is a certainity for England...Seems more suited for them) & of course Rohit Sharma (Maybe the quota hangover still existed for his exclusion)...As regards Dinesh Mongia...well one never knows why he is being given so many chances..