Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Lara’s Call To Field Baffling

Strange, the most astute of cricket minds stop working at the most critical moments. Brian Lara's captaincy continues to be adamant. He has been hell bent on proving his own theory rather than think on what will help his side to win.

With the batting form the top-order has been before this match, the decision to chase against a strong fielding side was fool hardy. Bowling is not the host's strong point either so to insert the Proteas was a long way off from logic.

Lara had his best chance to rattle a score in excess of 270 and put the pressure on the visitors as the match held as much significance for them after the loss to Bangladesh, hence the chase would have not been that comfy.

There were too many glaring mistakes on the field. The timing of the third power play allowed the opponents too many free hits that took the game away from the West Indians. Stretching the power play to the 44 th over was not the solution. If wickets had been taken at regular intervals it could have been a different tale. But when there was nothing much the bowling could do, the power play should have been utilized before the batsmen had shifted to top gear.

The rampage from the 39th over onwards showed West Indies in poor light. The body language had a sign of resignation throughout that period and there was a stage when the hosts just wanted to finish the quota and get back to the hut, there was no intensity or purpose.

Having put 350 plus on the board and gotten rid of three batsmen before the 15th over the script was clear. Even though there was an attempt to make a match of it the task was well beyond them. Chris Gayle and Lara had to fire and sadly that did not happen and West Indies had to exit another World Cup without making the knockouts.

The match today is crucial to England and if the reports of a slow wicket are true Bangladesh would certainly fancy their chances. The advantage the Asian team has is they can approach the match with no holds barred. They have already exceeded expectations in this tournament and anything from now would only be an added bonus.

England should be wary of a spin attack that is proving to be adept at controlling the run rate well. If England are to chase a score in excess of 240, they would have their hands full. The two totally different styles is bound to throw a interesting duel.


Aurindam said...

Dunno wat 2 say abt Lara's captaincy. It hasn't been the way it should have been. May be he was tryin 2 b innovative and different but things dint work out 4 him. And Lara has been criticised by almost everyone for some of his decisions.
Some of his decisions have been real wierd ones!! I donn rmmbr another game where final power play was taken at 44th over!!

Hey!! I dint kno tht Eng-Bang is on a slow wicket. If it is really true I think I m up again tonight!!... Let's see what the spin-trio and the teenage-guns have in-store this time. And as they say... even if they don't win matches they r sure to win hearts

madhugr said...

The PowerPlay delay was terrible. It was a wonder that Lara didnt think about it till the 44th over.

But, the idea behind batting second was that his team was more comfortable chasing rather than batting first. Thats what the records show.

If Bangladesh bat first and score anything more than 220, they will win this match against England. Definitely.

Aurindam said...

The way Bangladesh batted yesterday I felt there is no point staying awake to watch England innings as I felt it would be a cake-walk for them.
But what the scoreboard tells me seems to be different from what I presumed. The Bangladesh bowlers really have the fighting spirit and is well backed-up by the fielders.

Kalyan said...

Wounded proteas shamed after loosing a match to Bangladesh by 67 runs made WI loose the match EGZATLY by 67 runs.A revenge well taken.Defeated against South Africa, world cup dream is now unfulfilled for Brian Lara who promised his fans that he would make his exit in a blaze of glory.To every one's guess it is impossible for team like South Africa to lose two back to back matches that would let WI to get into semis.