Friday, 6 April 2007

Meeting Should Provide The Answers

A touch nervy for a start. By the time this column appears on the world wide web or in print, the BCCI meeting that involves some of the greatest to have graced the game would be well and truly on its way.

The focal point of discussion will be on the appointment of a new coach. I am certainly on for an Indian coaching Team India. The reasons are too obvious to be stated and I have written or said a lot on that already, and I don't believe I need to dwell on those points anymore.

There will also be a lot of talk on the resurrection of the first class system in the country. Believe me, there is good talent that is available, but the wickets on which our first class cricket is played does not prepare these young players for the sterner tests which international cricket throws up.

When I was the chairman of the pitch committee, I made an honest attempt to make the pitches, at least those of the major venues, livelier. But it was not an easy task, given the way our surfaces are made out. It was to be a long drawn process. I felt we lost track somewhere.

Here are my views, in short form, on the matter: domestic cricket should be treated better by the media. I hear the players are going to be given a substantial hike, which is as it should be. Better and truer wickets, along with the above said, will make the domestic scene worthwhile.

Unless there is a good reservoir, the team is going to face crisis regularly. And for that to happen, all points have to fall in place quickly. I am not trying to please anyone when I say thanks to the BCCI for having the faith in former cricketers to address one of the biggest crises to have hit Indian cricket.

Well, there is going to be no cricket at the World Cup for two days, and the meeting could not have been timed better. We can keep our focus solely on the meeting. But one thing is getting clear in the Caribbean: Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa (not in that order) are breaking free from the other sides and are sure to make the knockouts.

Any other team making it to the next stage is as likely as snowfall in my city.


Sifar said...

Well thought and said K.S.

Anonymous said...

The meeting will do absolutely nothing ,Whatever is discussed will be hidden or swept under the carpets . Ageing Stars like Tendulkar Ganguly and others who have let the country down with thir spineless performance should do all of us a favor and leave gracefully. They are a total disappointment and are in the game for their personal agenda especilly Tendulkar the so called Master Blaster more like the Master Wimp

Susmita said...

The Board is a bunch of jokers. They want to retain a captain and elevate a coach who featured in the worst debacle of Indian World Cup. And Bowling coach will be Venkatesh Prasad (when was he considered in the league of top 10 bowlers ?). The board thinks it can play with the National team.

I would avoid using all products that even carry the name of Rahul Dravid.

PS-GUY said...

What a Nation!!!! India....everyone in this country is a finger-pointing Indian (somewhere deep it lies! probably, Greg learnt his lessons here!), lemme justify. Our team gets knocked out and we concentrate on identifying the superficial problems rather than the root causes.

The most ridiculous comments that I've heard so far is that Indian cricket is spoilt by endorsements... somehow I feel let down, we made the superstars and we cannot point fingers at them. After becoming a star you need to protect your privacy.. simply means you need to ramp up your spending on a lot of related stuff. Where will the money come, if not endorsements? If seeing a nobody (recent cricket star) until yesterday to be a rich ad star suddenly is a problem... are we crazy, he is a star! Truly Indian when it comes to showing how jealous you feel without actually saying it. The Superstars of cricket know this truth, but cannot take on a losing battle against the jealous masses.

The news coming out today, on clamping down endorsements is really an agreement to the masses opinion. Truly Indian!

As Indians we can easily be subjected to agreeing on others opinions. So why blame the team and selectors for showing favoritism. No Indian can ever say he hasn't played favoritism... be it corporate or sport.

We are talking about Indian cricket and it will always be Indian. The future has always been grim.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said ....
The seniors are not ashamed to ask to consider about their contracts.
Is this so called "DESH SEWA" to have only "MEVA" at cost of every indian civilian.

The all player whether it is cricket or any game must remember that people are respecting their act on the playing grounds and not them.

They should also remember that nobody has forced them to play, they have choose this game on their own. And they know why they are here.

If they say this type of "DESH SEWA" for which they have been paid Crores of Rupees with ZERO performance, then all Sponsors should rethink about their contract and if that money can use for good cause like upbringing orphans there will be more marketting success for these Sponsors.

Thanks to World said...

Hey Krish,

Happy to know you also write to blog.

I have also wrtten blog on World Cup 2007 upsets.