Monday, 23 April 2007

Players Should Be Given A Free Hand

Reading the morning paper, I stumbled across a few stories that were eye openers of sorts. In India there has always been a curb on cricketers talking to the press. Hence, when the players divulge information on sensitive topics, it becomes hot news. Whereas in most of the other Test playing nations there is no hold on players in expressing their opinions to the media.

Ricky Ponting, Mathew Hayden, Mark Boucher and Jacques Kallis have all used the last few days to play mind games with their opponents in the build up to the semi-finals. To me what is more important is what the players do while on the field of play, and everything else is immaterial. As long as there are no degrading statements, or hitting below the belt, things should be fine.

I have not really been able to see the logic in players being directed to talk or write in the media. Is it really going to help? For example, if Harbhajan wants to talk freely about an impending encounter he can’t, while a player in the opposing rank can. And as some one who has played the game at the highest level, I can assure you it can play on the mind of the players and give the others a mental edge before a crucial game.

Kallis has said the Australian all-win record does not count for anything, while Hayden has stated the Proteas fear the sight of the Aussies. I can also assure you that it helps to build an aggressive attitude. I have heard many Australian players comment freely on their colleagues, and the best part is the player commented also takes it in the right spirit. This can help strengthen the value of unity.

During the Test series in India in 2001, Glenn McGrath said the best captain he has ever played under was Mark Taylor. Remember, Steve Waugh was at the helm and was not offended by the statement. He tried, instead, to find out what he was lacking that Taylor possessed.

Players expressing their views to the press should be allowed everything in regard to the game can be discussed freely and let me assure you the team performance or mental frame is not going to go down because of that. The results in the middle are more important than a few sound bytes passed on to television crews or newspapers. Barking at the wrong tree is not going to give us the desired results, in stead let us try and locate the real problem areas.


Aswin Kini said...

Hi Krish, i agree with your views. But do you really think that our Indian cricketers are really worth the hue and cry that has been created.

For instance,Leander Paes or Mahesh Bhupathi who have won many medals consistently for India were never hyped as much as our cricketers. what about Michael Ferrara, who won the billiards world championship, and our young Squash Sensation, Joshna Chinnappa.

What have our cricketers achieved. I personally believe that our cricketers should first start playing good cricket and then ask for favors. They have not won a single tri-series in 5 years and they have just won 1 out of 24 multi-nation tournaments that they have participated so far.

What about Sachin, Sehwag, Dravid and Ganguly, apart from the wins in Test, they have not helped INDIA to win any finals.
We all call Ganguly a great captain, but how many multi nation tournaments have we won under him. Just 1.

If you ask me I'll rather have a committed and fit player like Robin Singh, who gave more than 100% to the team almost every game rather than Sachin, who lives more on past glories.
A true legend rises to the occasion when required the most. Sachin was once a legend, he is just a farce now.

Do me a favor Srikkanth, since I am an ordinary fan, i can never meet Sachin and tell him this. But since you have the chance, please tell him to play his natural game.
Tell him not to play negative cricket and humiliate himself.
Tell him that the teams needs just a brisk score of 35+ every match and not 100's. He is still a great cricketer and if he desires to go out on a high note, let him play his natural game. And one more thing, NO more support to Sachin till he starts playing his natural game.

Anonymous said...

When we talking about the media and the cricket we should remember one thing. All the media are dominated by some set of people and special they try to demoralize the Asian cricket. They all tried to finish Asian players. Shoib Aktar, Harbajan Singh, and great bowler Murali. What is this and why is this? They want to dominate the game by anyway.
They have only Australia to their pride. England cricket sink in deep. They are having one man show(Kevin Peterson). All the Asian countries coming with the talents. Bangladesh show their colors. India having very strong team. Sri Lanka always unpredictable. Pakistan will come back soon.
In this context we should understand what is really going on.

Bharath said...

Cheeka we need you as manager of Indian team. Your humour and positive energy is more than sufficient to revive the Indian team.

Anonymous said...

ya kris. u r write. but free hand i mean, which one made in Jaipur or made in boardroom?

RH said...

I agree with this comment "I have not really been able to see the logic in players being directed to talk or write in the media."

Indeed, they should not be allowed to comment at all on the matches they are about to play.

Sruthi Radhakrishnan said...

The whole point of taking a game as a game has been lost over this hullabaloo abt the contract. Now that the players are refusing to sign the contract, will the BCCI do something like revise it? Or will they select players from a lower rung who are willing to sign the same contract?