Thursday, 26 April 2007

Bigger The Stage, Bigger The Game

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The line that divides aggression and desperation is a fine one, and it was in full view when South Africa batted their first ten overs. Going into a needle clash without a proper plan cost the Proteas dear. Winning the toss on this wicket was a godsend and South Africa have only themselves to blame for not utilizing the opportunity to bat the World champions out of the game.

Bowlers like McGrath always have a scheme for different batsmen. Kallis and Prince were the two batsmen who should have played the anchor role. Smith left early - falling to adventurism against someone who has seen it all and is a master at varying the length subtlety to set a batsman to a false shot.

Shaun Tait might have ended with more wickets in his kitty, but to McGrath should go the greater credit for strangulating the batsmen and instilling the early pressure from which the South Africans never recovered. The fall of wickets at regular intervals never allowed the South Africans to get to a run rate of any meaning. And having posted only 149 on the board, even the die-hard South African supporters would not have envisaged a win.

With a mere three runs per over to chase, Australia were in no discomfort and the thumping win will have carried them to the final in the right frame of mind. Sri Lanka have also entered the final with a clinical display but the way the Aussies won on Wednesday it would have certainly put the fear of god among the Islanders.

It was pleasure to see the Aussie dressing room, a bunch of confident players who thoroughly know what their job is, much like the West Indian dressing room of the 80’s. South Africa resembled a team wrecked by a storm and resembled a bunch of jokers, moreso even than chokers, on the big stage.


Venkrek in Thought said...

Well Krish - You hit the nail on the head - and hard too! South Africans once again proved that they were a Bunch of Jokers - They never deserved to go all the way after their humiliating defeat to minnows Bangladesh, hope I not branded 'politically incorrect' after their improved performance in this World cup.

oracle said...

Good piece; please see my match report as well.

Bharath said...

How to beat Australia?
Ans. Play only cricket! Then you have a chance of beating them.
Do not get bogged down by their reputation.
Play the ball on merit and not on bowlers or teams reputation.
Bowl to take wickets. Do not focus on trying to choke them for runs.
Finally play the game on the field and not in the mind.
Enjoy every moment on the field.