Friday, 16 March 2007

No Contest Whatsoever

It was not easy on the eye - Bermuda and Scotland standing clueless while getting pasted all over the park was not good advertisement for the world's premier event. The minnows should not be denied exposure against the top sides but the World Cup is not the stage for that.

It has greatly devalued the tournament. The top sides use it to boost their averages and it does not really mean anything in the larger perspective. To me, apart from the ten playing countries (I have included Zimbabwe) only the finalists in the qualifying tournament should play the Cup. The format used in the 1999 event in England was close to perfect. For a team to win the event, it should have competed at least against six or seven of the top sides and it would reflect well on the team that finally manages to win.

From the super-eight stage, the present edition has got it correct but the lead up to that stage is a big yawn. Take for example Bermuda. I am sure they would have found it difficult to survive in the senior division league in Chennai. The quality of cricket was disappointing and the fitness of some players left a lot to be desired.

If the ICC is serious about improving cricket in these countries, the stress should be on developing the grass roots rather than making them play the World Cup and cut a sorry figure. It is not their fault if they can't compete against the superior sides. Imagine India against Brazil in the soccer World Cup. It would be a mockery of the system. Cricket much like hockey can never become a global sport. The games' governing body should understand and work within that limitation rather than try and challenge it.

It was a good start for Sri Lanka, who has a good chance in this tournament, the weight of the opponents notwithstanding, it was a clinical performance.

The Zimbabwe-Ireland game was a good contest none the less. Frankly, I did not watch the proceedings fully but the interest the game created in closeness would compare favourably with some of the seat-edge thrillers I have been a part of in the world Cup.

Zimbabwe, once a formidable side in their own right, challenged most sides in the World, is pale shadow of itself now, finding itself at the lowest ebb. The match might have not produced cricket of the highest quality, but as the game is known - for every level it has its own charm - and the Irish opener J. Bray consumed his fair share of fifteen minutes.


AjiNIMC said...

I was wondering whether you consider bangladesh a minnow.

Sidhu Sir, "Let them play against A,B teams of these top countries, then let them play triangular series with top team in the country and if good let them play World cup". TV advertisers, made time for you. Thank God we did not put any money there.

Wikalp said...

What you talking krissh ji..look waht did ireland did the pakistani...i agree about the grass root level development ..but you van say like that..

Dinesh said...

Hello Srikkanth, As your fan I am thrilled to see you on the blogosphere. This world cup is coming up to a great contest. I felt sorry for India as they were crushed by Bangladesh. Everything went wrong for India including the Toss. I would love to hear your opinion on the game, I am sure you have a lot to say about it. I always loved to read your reviews about the games. With Bangladesh having a strong victory in hand, I wont be surprised if they slaughter the lankans too.

Santhosh said...

Hi Sir, I am your big fan!!

But look at the results we had today

Ireland winning Pakistan


Bangladesh winning India

ICC gamble of including minnows, has succeeded as now people in Ireland are definitely going to take the game seriously!! and Cricket can become a Global Sport.

Bharad said...


Well said. I can't agree with you more on this.

What do you think is wrong with the Indian team? The way they lost to B'desh has embarrassed the whole nation.

I failed to see them play as a unit; as did the B'desh'ies.

Indians have grown so big on their egos that it is their 'egos' playing and not the cricketing professionals. Their identity as an icon has done more damage to their game.

Laxman misses godfather not to be in the team.

Drop Sehwag, enough of experimenting on him; replace dhoni with Kartick.

At last, its embarrassing to see the Pepsi-ad, "hoh-hah-india-aah-hah-india" admist a losing game. May be it should be rewritten "hooh-hah-india-aaa-jah-india" (call them back soon so that we can have peaceful night sleep)

Siddharth said...

Hi Krish
Hopefully the results of India - Bangladesh and Pakistan - Ireland matches changed your opinion about presence of so called minnows in this world cup. May be it was a flash in the pan. But I believe you need to give proper exposure to these flashes so as to make them known and appreciated. I guess these two results have really given the spark to the world cup. And Pakistan, one of the big teams, is already out of the competition.

Prasanna Kumar P said...


Cricket Demigod worship has to GO & fresh talent needs to be spotted. Business Instict as mentioned in needs to take less position