Thursday, 29 March 2007

Malinga Lights Up Murky Day

What looked like one way traffic for a good part was suddenly brought alive by a slinger whose hairdo gets more headlines than his ability to deliver unplayable in-swinging Yorkers. To Lasith Malinga should the credit go for producing the most significant spell in recent limited overs history. Pity the effort had to go in vain.

South Africa have always had their fair share of problems when chasing targets. And self doubts would have returned to haunt them after this close encounter, while Sri Lanka's confidence will have received a major boost after this lion-hearted show in the field.

Malinga brings back memories of two fast bowlers who terrorized batsmen all over the world - Jeff Thomson of Australia for his action and Waquar Younis of Pakistan for his ability to swerve the ball in to the toes of the batsman. It was a remarkable fight back by the bowler who was seen as the weak link in the attack.

Sri Lanka have one problem to address at the moment and that is the form of skipper Jayawardene. It is always a problem for the team composition if the captain is not delivering the goods and it would be for the better of his team's fortunes if Jayawardene finds his feet quickly.

Australia proved beyond doubt on what stuff they are made of, even on a wicket that suited their style of play the least. But with this commanding win over the West Indies, they have served a severe warning to all other sides in the competition. Their weakest link is their bowling, but even that department seems to be picking up. Backed by some excellent fielding, they will be as good as any other side in the tournament.

The game today between New Zealand and West Indies is very crucial as games involving these two teams and Sri Lanka is likely to decide the outcome of the super eight and pilot the final four entry. On paper the Kiwis look more organized, but if Chris Gayle can fire, West Indies will look an entirely different team. Promises to be a razor sharp contest.


Aswin Kini said...

Hi Krish, i agree with you On Malinga's performance in the match against SouthAfica. His toe crushers reminded me of Waqar Younis of the 1980's and of course! The greatest left arm bowler of all time:Wasim Akram. Apart from Wasim and Waqar, we haven't seen many bowlers in teh modern era who can win matches within a space of a few deliveries.

Shoaib Akthar, Brett Lee, and Shane Bond are the only bowlers in modern cricket, who can reverse swing the bowl with greater effect and win games for their sides.

Well, it had been a thriller of a contest. Too bad that Malinga had to end on the losing side even after taking 4 wickets in 4 balls.

Please do read my post on the SouthAfrica vs Srilanka match

Aurindam said...

Ahem... well... ok
I mean ... Malinga has always been a good bowler ... and looks dangerous coz of his hairdo and a cynical look on face n eyes, but i never found him comparable to Waqar and Thomson. Altho i never gt a chance 2 c Thomson in action!!

Satz said...

Hi Krishh...It was easily the most exciting match of the world cup so far,thanx to Malinga's exploits...Also do u feel the "chokers" tag has been shrugged off by the south Africans?? The above match may turn out to be a most pivotal in their cricket history where the last 2 batsmen held their nerve & got the lucky edge they fully deserved considering that South Africa had dominated majority of the game...

New Zeland will be slightly on the backfoot ,I feel as they would miss Lou vincent more for his superlative fielding...The two runouts he executed are indeed the best this world cup has seen...however unlike India (sorry couldnt resist taking another digg !) the fielding is not dominated by one-two individuals & they don't carry "old" legs although Mcmillan & Fleming maybe as old as Dravid or Tendulkar...West Indies as usual would be favourites as theri batting man-to man seems stronger & experienced...As you said promises to be a good contest..& btw hope Ireland can spring a surprise again by beating England...Now that would be a shame :)

Anonymous said...

yes Malinga bowled well!

Dilip said...

"while Sri Lanka's confidence will have received a major boost after this lion-hearted show in the field."

Thats what competition is about, isn't it? To keep on fighting, never giving up until the last ball is bowled. They aren't called the lions for no reason. The Indians could do well to take a page out of this book. Even in defeat if only they had shown some heart :-(

Would love to know what you think.

srikanth said...

He is clearly chucking the ball. I do not understand why no one is complaining. See it yourself. said...


srilankans are the most powerfull team in this worldcup.they are going to win this world cup no dout about it.