Thursday, 22 March 2007

Lankans Serve A Stern Warning

Sri Lanka not getting enmeshed in the web of saving their reputation was the high point of their massive mandate over Bangladesh. Effortless in his innings, Sanath Jayasuriya proved beyond doubt that his sell-by date is a far distance away. For a man who looked like a spent shell sometime back, he is now back to being the live grenade he once was.

The rest of the batting is chugging along like a well-oiled machine and India for once would have enjoyed the Lankan onslaught for all that the men in blue only have to worry about a win now. The net run rate, which has clung to reporters and analysts like an albatross can now be done away with.

The fearless approach by Sri Lanka was in stark contrast to the manner in which India played their opener. Playing your natural game and not dwelling too much upon other details is the plain and simple recipe for success. India were caught in a web, while Lanka just played normal cricket that helped them canter to a win with consummate ease.

The other factor that had to be taken serious note of is the variety in the Islanders’ attack. Chaminda Vaas brings in the experience and the left-hand mystery while Lasith Malinga has the air speed to confront any batsmen on any surface. Mahroof comes in as the calming influence in the middle overs with his steadiness, and any encomiums I shower on Muralitharan and Jayasuriya would only be stating the obvious. In these genial giants, the bowling has two men who have seen it all and know what it takes to succeed in a big tourney like this.

The manner in which the Bangladesh batting was decimated was a stern pointer to the strength in their attack that is almost a forgotten component, as it has always been their batting that has held centre stage. Add their athletic fielding and conditions in the Caribbean that suit their style of play than any other side… Sri Lanka will be the side to beat in the competition।


Pakistan signed off in style but not reaching the next round will be a bitter pill for the cricket crazy country to swallow. The recent incidents that have surrounded Pakistan cricket could have made even mentally strong characters weak. But the team showed commendable commitment, and the will to win was evident in the strong body language.

Imran Nazir played an innings that was a throwback in to an earlier era. The slightly crouched stance to go with a strong top hand with iron wrists, Nazir has it all to be a clean striker. I have seen him take some better attacks to the cleaners, and what stunned me when I first saw him was the awesome bat speed he could generate even against real quality pacemen like Gillespie and McGrath.

The mammoth win was also a fitting farewell to Inzamam-ul-Haq who has carried the burden for guiding Pakistan's fortune with his big broad blade with aplomb. A cool and calm customer, he always let his chaste Urdu and his bat do the talking. Pakistan will miss his services for sure, and the world of cricket will be denied his silken smooth stroke play। Thanks, Inzi, for all the entertainment.

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heston said...

hi krish
the islanders played well.. but i guess the friday match win factor is based on indian bowling attack..

hope that dravid will give chance to sreesanth or pathan...

Dinesh said...

The way the lankans wrapped up Bangladeshi innings is a proof and example for the Indian team. It was like Lanka showing India that this is how we should have played against them. In any case, if there is anything that I will be worried about is India facing Vaas and company. It is certainly not easy, but atleast we dont have to worry too much about run rate, this would mean we should be good if we can play our natural game. Friday will be interesting.

Sudheer Fernandes said...

PAK making an exit, with a mammoth last win does sound BOOKIE bell. So , I'm right "With money reaching the kitty, does find IMZI smile on a retirement note".

All said and done, the PAK economy with corruption and PPP exile chief Mrs B.Bhutto, paying a ton to get a fare election address through Bush. All says "Money is the name of the Game - Honey".

Good, INZY... Good you thought to use your bat on street (I think I saw him do that in field once). And the Moola, to save your Big Ass(now that's all I can see on my 21" TV screen).

Hope ur tribe increase [I have no good reason, butt so is you or rather a casual exercise other than "Bat The PAK Street"].


Aurindam said...

Yeh... "The net run rate, which has clung to reporters and analysts like an albatross can now be done away with."..(sigh of relief).
And of course, as Jayasuriya is playing (batting,bowling,fielding) currently, his time is far from over. I have been a fan of Jayasuriya and Inzi for about last 10 years or more!!. Inzi has been a different kind of entertainer for me though. I just luv the "lazy elegance" in his batting style. I'd prefer to end by saying.... "Thanx, Inzi, for having mercy on the bowling-team and gifting ur (or ur partner's) wicket as a run-out ;)". Wat say krish??

Satz said...

Hey Krish, Going by what I heard from you on television as well as your blog above,you really hit the nail in the head about taking the game by the scruff of the neck,which the Indians failed to do so against Bangladesh.
Tomorrows game is going to be a game between the bowlers of both sides.I can never forget the emphatic manner of our victory in the previous world cup( Remember Javagal Srinath at the peak of his form ) .In that match Muralitharan was nullified by Tendulkar who mad 97 I think along with useful contributions from middle order. It is going to be crucial how we handle Chaminada & Murli coz if we try to dominate them as you say , then our talent has to really shine through like a crazy diamond :)

In all it promises to be a great game with Sri Lanka having nothing to lose & India having the weight of billion people & money of over 150 million dollars of Advertisers on their (hopefully not) fragile shoulders...Cheers & may the best team win (obviously India :-) )

Jayabharathwaj said...

India have nothing to lose. It is after all a game. A popular one. India need to relax and feel positive. The blogger would do India lot of good if he just makes a call to the players and tells them to be positive. Being positive never hurts!

Ranjeet Adkar said...

Hi Krish,

I think this World Cup has brough out the best in terms of sheer pleasure of enjoying the game - it will bring forth newer heroes, villians and comedians in due course. There will be chaos, ecstacy and agony at the end of each match- and yes, there will be only one winner at the end of it all - Cricket!

dreamer said...

Hi krish...I believe Jayasurya, Muralitharan and Vyaas these three are the key factors of the islanders. We need to pay attention to them and Our bowling attacks must be more lethal.

Lets pray for Our countries pride and dream.

saurabh said...

Even though i would very much like to see India holding the cup, I don't think they would/should be able to win the cup, not with the current state of bowling. Not being able to defend against Bangladesh and Bermuda innings dragging on for more than 30 overs, only a miracle change in bowling can lead us to cup.

Agarkar doesn't look experienced with the kind of bowling he had been doing and Patel not doing any good by trading line, length(I hope) for speed.

Our only lifeline in this tournament is our batting, failing which, disasters like Bangladesh match will inevitably happen.