Thursday, 15 March 2007

About the Aussies

What strikes me most about this Australian side is their intensity even in a game where the result is a forgone conclusion. Pitted against a bunch of players who would prefer a stroll in the cooler climes of their country with their favourite Scotch whiskey in hand rather face a stern test on the cricket pitch against the World Champions who prefer to take every match as seriously as a summit clash
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The depth in the Australian batting is awesome to say the least and add Andrew Symonds to this list and it is certain to send a shiver down every bowler's spine. Ricky Ponting in the news for all the wrong reasons of late played an innings that justified his billing as one of the top batsmen at the moment.

Mind you it is never easy to concentrate against a lower ranked side. One tends to exceed himself in situations like these but Ponting struck to what he knows best as he equaled his countryman Mark Waugh and a pair of Indians as the top century maker in world Cup history.

The recent defeats Australia had suffered will do more good than harm in the longer run. I am sure it would have steeled their resolve more than ever before. I strongly feel in spite of conditions in West Indies not being conducive for their brand of cricket they would still be the team to beat in this event.

A player of the caliber of Mike Hussey walking in at number six tells enough about their balance. They have enough cricketers who can turn the match single handedly- an area other teams lack in abundance. Adam Gilchrist who has been the lynchpin for long, gives the side lot more options by opening the innings and when Symonds comes back, the Aussie juggernaut should well be on its way.

Glen McGrath bowled a line that suggested the old warhorse has lost none of the sting. The other bowlers would do well to revolve around him, they might miss the pace of Brett Lee but Shaun Tait is not far behind. Hogg is another vital member and with wickets that provide turn he would have a vital role to play. The opening match might have not tested the Aussies but there was enough gun powder in their show. If other contenders are going to be led by the World champs recent record, it would be at their own peril.

I was never going to miss my breakfast to catch Kenya and Canada on the cricket field but it was nice to see Kenya post a win. The victory could not have come at a better time for a country plagued by problems. The early rounds might not really interest the connoisseur but what I can tell is this event holds a lot of promise as surfaces on which the games are being played are not partial towards one particular craft.


Satz said...

Hey...The match ended one sided as expected.Australia no doubt have the depth & I expect them to come through in their match with South Africa.However if one notices all their bowlers have been taken to the cleaners in the recent matches by big hitters of the cricket ball.Mcmillan,Jacob Oram & the lower order of England.So I guess Tait,Hogg ,& co. will be put to their best test when people like Afridi,Oram,Dhoni,Flintoff,Dwyane Bravo etc come in front of them again.Mcgrath the pale shadow would be using the new ball only ,I assume.I think hypothetically Gilchrist,Hayden & Symonds would have had a gala time if they faced their own bowlers....

AjiNIMC said...

Hi Krish, hardly anyone of us watched the whole game, I only saw the last scotland overs.

Australia is a synonym for a cricket team. I am waiting for a semi or final, India Vs Aus.

Anonymous said...

Hi Krish
Great and much awaited blog from you. Tell me, why India, despite having players, each one of whom has loads of records on his head can not perform consistently to become a champion? You were in the team. You should know. What is lacking in these players?

Aswin said...

Hi Krish, i don't agree with you that Australia are the best among the other teams. It is a myth that they are invincible and the myth proved to be true when Australia won tournaments consistently and comprehensively.
But if you notice, you will find that they win matches mentally rather than by playing good cricket.

More often their victories are decided off the field, when Ponting, Hayden, Warne, or Mcgrath send strong messages to the opponents via the media; this often intimidates the other teams and forces them to fear Australia thus giving them a slight advantage. The match is won mainly by sledging the opponents batsman.

Of course, they have class performers in Gilchrist, Hayden, Ponting and Mcgrath, but if they win a third consecutive world cup, it's a shame for the game.
The Game becomes the loser and Aussies become champions.

Remember even the greatest team of all time (The 1983 West Indies team) could not win 3 consecutive world cups.

The world loves Champions, but at the same time, they like to see thrilling contests, low scoring games, last ball sixes, and of course crucial wickets.
Cricket lovers want to see a world cup where the unexpected happens, they do not want the same team to win again and again.

If Aussies were to win this world cup, i would say that they would win only if a) The other teams perform below par, 2)Key challenging teams are either knocked out by Minnows, or 3) Teams lose top performing players due to injury.

My humble wish is that anybody(I would prefer India) else than Australia to lift this World Cup.

let's hope to see a very thrilling world cup where the only winner is the Game and not the teams themselves

Yuva said...

Even during those famous kiwis wins, Aussie batting was posting 300+ scores consistently.Its the bowling they need to watch out for. If Mcgrath is hit for couple of fours early on in his spell, you could see him putting the head down and hands over the hip.

Brad Hogg can be a factor if he shifts the line to middle and off and to a more fuller length. He would be hardly be a threat if he bowls leg stump line and short of the length. Remember the pasting Virender Sehwag gave to Hogg in 2003 finals.

To me Michael Clarke could be a secret weapon.He is not a big turner, but on helpful tracks he is more than a handful. His 6 for during the crucial Indian second innings in the Mumbai test is an ample proof of his abilities. I personally think Aussies could beat South Africa even without symmonds and hence he should focus on his rehab and not rush through..

Wikalp said...

Its really nice to see your blog here Dear Srikanth ji ..admist seeing you commenting on indian tv.BUt what to do this onesided game to juss see the score privilege to watch in USA...

Bharad said...

Hi Krish,

World cup is wide open and watchout for RSA, India and New Zealand.

For all I knew, India would fare till the final...for all the viewership money that they would contribute.

Already Aussies pose larger than the game; and if they happen to win this cup, the game would lose its glory.

manojsir said...

Hi Krish,

Its a great pleasure to see U on blogspot. My son is Cricket-mad and he would definitely be thrilled to see your blog here.
Keep on playing CRICKET here on the global wicket of blogspot.


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